1 Rapid Central Station
6 Oakes east of Grandville EB
11 Ottawa at Fulton NB
16 Fulton at Ionia EB
17 Fulton at Sheldon EB
461 Fulton at Louis WB
471 Ottawa at Fulton SB
1332 Fulton at Sheldon WB
2421 Fountain at Lafayette EB
2431 Fountain west of College EB
4138 Cherry at Grandville WB
5366 Fulton across from Barclay EB
5508 Leonard west of Plymouth WB
5515 Leonard at Ball EB
5716 College at Lyon NB
5718 College at Michigan NB
5726 College north of Hastings NB
5731 College at Lydia NB
5736 College at Shirley NB
5741 College at Cedar NB
5743 College at Leonard NB
5751 Leonard at Union EB
5756 Leonard at Edmund EB
5761 Leonard at Emerald EB
5766 Leonard at Diamond EB
5767 Leonard at Fuller EB
5776 Leonard east of Fuller EB
5781 Leonard across from Lewison EB
5791 Leonard at Plymouth EB
5796 Leonard across from Perkins EB
5801 Leonard at Worcester EB
5806 Leonard at Maryland EB
5811 Leonard across from Beckwith EB
5816 Leffingwell north of Leonard NB
5821 Leffingwell at KCTC NB
5822 Kent Career Tech Center
5831 KCTC Dr at Knapp NB
5832 Celebration Dr & Aldi
5836 Meijer at Knapp's Corner
5841 Waters Circle
5846 Leonard west of East Beline WB
5851 Leonard at Leffingwell WB
5871 Leonard at Beckwith WB
5876 Leonard across from Maryland WB
5881 Leonard at Worcester WB
5886 Leonard at Perkins WB
5888 Leonard at Edith WB
5896 Leonard at Lewison WB
5901 Leonard at Leonard Fuller Plaza WB
5903 Leonard at Fuller WB
5911 Leonard at Diamond WB
5916 Leonard at Northfield WB
5921 Leonard at Penn WB
5926 Leonard at Union WB
5931 College south of Leonard SB
5936 College at Cedar SB
5941 College at Shirley SB
5946 College at Bradford SB
5951 College at Hastings SB
5953 College at Michigan SB
5961 College at Lyon SB
5966 College at Fountain SB
5976 Fulton across from Gay WB
5981 Fulton at Lafayette WB