1 Rapid Central Station
6 Oakes east of Grandville EB
11 Ottawa at Fulton NB
16 Fulton at Ionia EB
17 Fulton at Sheldon EB
461 Fulton at Louis WB
471 Ottawa at Fulton SB
1201 Eastern at 36th SB
1326 Jefferson north of State NB
1332 Fulton at Sheldon WB
1381 State at Jefferson EB
1386 State at Lafayette EB
1391 Cherry at Madison EB
1396 Cherry at College EB
1401 Cherry at Union EB
1407 Cherry at Eastern EB
1410 Eastern at Wealthy SB
1416 Eastern at Logan SB
1418 Eastern at Sherman SB
1425 Eastern at Franklin SB
1431 Eastern at Prince SB
1436 Eastern across from Alexander SB
1446 Eastern at Hall SB
1451 Eastern at Oakdale SB
1456 Eastern at Crofton SB
1466 Eastern at Griggs SB
1471 Eastern at Ardmore SB
1476 Eastern south of Burton SB
1481 Eastern at Ottillia SB
1483 Eastern at Alger SB
1486 Eastern at Billantou SB
1487 Eastern at 28th SB
1496 Eastern across from Laraway SB
1501 Eastern at 3001 Eastern SB
1506 Eastern at 32nd SB
1511 Eastern at 3417 Eastern SB
1521 Eastern at Rusty SB
1526 Eastern at 40th SB
1529 Eastern at 4147 Eastern SB
1530 Eastern at 4247 Eastern SB
1531 Eastern at 44th SB
1532 Eastern across from Edsel SB
1536 Eastern at 48th SB
1541 Eastern at Lyles SB
1542 52nd east of Eastern EB
1549 52nd at Burgis EB
1551 52nd at Christie EB
1552 52nd at Kalamazoo EB
1561 Kalamazoo across from Pembroke SB
1562 Kalamazoo at Gentian SB
1566 Kalamazoo at Christie SB
1567 Kalamazoo north of 60th SB
1568 Marketplace east of Kalamazoo EB
1569 Marketplace east of Kalamazoo WB
1570 Kalamazoo at Gaines Meijer
1576 Kalamazoo south of 60th SB
1577 Kalamazoo at Eastport SB
1578 Eastport west of Kalamazoo WB
1579 Ridgebrook south of 60th NB
1580 Eastport at Saffron WB
1581 Eastport at Ridgebrook WB
1586 60th across from Kentwood Community Chur
1591 60th at Ridge Glen WB
1596 Woodfield west of Eastern WB
1601 Woodfield Place
1611 60th across from Leisure South EB
1616 Eastern at 59th NB
1621 Eastern north of Tierra NB
1626 Eastern at Bellewood NB
1631 Eastern at Springwood NB
1636 Eastern north of Hardwick NB
1637 Eastern at 52nd NB
1641 Eastern at Andover NB
1646 Eastern at 48th NB
1651 Eastern at Edsel NB
1653 Eastern south of 44th NB
1661 Eastern at Steelcase Entrance NB
1663 Eastern at 4100 Eastern NB
1666 Eastern at 40th NB
1671 Eastern across from Himes NB
1672 Eastern south of 36th NB
1675 Eastern north of 36th NB
1681 Eastern at Pastiche NB
1686 Eastern at 32nd NB
1691 Eastern at 3030 Eastern NB
1701 Eastern at Everglade NB
1706 Eastern north of Mayhew Wood NB
1711 Eastern at Alger NB
1716 Eastern at North Ottillia NB
1721 Eastern south of Burton NB
1726 Eastern at Ardmore NB
1731 Eastern at Griggs NB
1741 Eastern across from Crofton NB
1746 Eastern at Oakdale NB
1751 Eastern at Hall NB
1756 Eastern at Oakhill NB
1761 Eastern at Alexander NB
1766 Eastern at Prince NB
1770 Eastern at Franklin NB
1781 Eastern at Sherman NB
1786 Eastern at Logan NB
1790 Eastern at Wealthy NB
1792 Cherry at Eastern WB
1801 Cherry across from Paris WB
1806 Cherry at College WB
1811 Cherry at Madison WB
1816 State at Lafayette WB
4455 Grandville at Cherry NB