1 Rapid Central Station
475 Grandville at Oakes (SB)
3789 Bridge at Monroe (WB)
3790 Bridge at Turner (WB)
3791 Bridge at Stocking (WB)
3793 Stocking at Second (NB)
3796 Stocking at Fourth (NB)
3801 Alpine at Fifth (NB)
3806 Alpine at Seventh (NB)
3816 Alpine at Eleventh (NB)
3817 Alpine at Leonard (NB)
3831 Alpine at Myrtle (NB)
3833 Alpine at Richmond (NB)
3836 Alpine at Sylvia (NB)
3841 Alpine at Ann (NB)
3846 Alpine at Avaster (NB)
3851 Alpine across from Harding (NB)
3852 Alpine at Hillside - Meijer (NB)
3861 Alpine at Ferris (NB)
3866 Alpine at Three Mile (NB)
3868 Weatherford at Greenridge Mall
3876 Weatherford south of North Center (NB)
3879 North Center east of Alpine (WB)
3886 Old Orchard west of Alpine (WB)
3889 Old Orchard at Rental Office (NB)
3901 Old Orchard at Four Mile (NB)
3906 Alpenhorn at Alpine (EB)
3911 Alpenhorn at Yorkland (NB)
3916 Alpenhorn across from York Creek (NB)
3921 Alpenhorn at 4240 Alpenhorn (NB)
3922 Alpenhorn south of Lamoreaux (NB)
3931 Lamoreaux at Berkenshire (WB)
3941 Alpine south of Lamoreaux (SB)
3946 Alpine north of Menard (SB)
3948 Menards at Discount Tire (WB)
3950 Alpine Walmart
3951 Sam's Club
3961 Four Mile at Alpine (WB)
3966 Old Orchard at Four Mile (SB)
3972 Old Orchard at Rental Office (SB)
3981 Old Orchard at Alpine (EB)
3986 North Center east of Alpine (EB)
3987 Weatherford south of N Center (SB)
3988 Alpine at 3 Mile (SB)
4001 Alpine at Ferris (SB)
4006 Alpine at Hillside - Meijer (SB)
4011 Alpine at Harding (SB)
4013 Alpine at Roger (SB)
4016 Alpine north of Ann (SB)
4021 Alpine at Sylvia (SB)
4026 Alpine at Richmond (SB)
4031 Alpine at Myrtle (SB)
4035 Alpine at Leonard (SB)
4046 Alpine at Eleventh (SB)
4056 Alpine at Seventh (SB)
4061 Alpine north of Fifth (SB)
4066 Stocking at Fourth (SB)
4071 Stocking at First (SB)
4076 Bridge at Seward (EB)
4455 Grandville at Cherry (NB)
4486 Monroe at Louis (NB)
4491 Monroe at Lyon (NB)
4752 Bridge at Monroe (EB)
4756 Monroe at DeVos Place (SB)
4761 Monroe at Pearl (SB)
4766 Monroe at Louis (SB)
4771 Market at Fulton (NB)
4976 Monroe at Fulton (SB)
9327 Bridge at Scribner (EB)
9368 Bridge at Scribner (WB)
9400 Bridge at Summer (EB)