1 Rapid Central Station
6 Oakes east of Grandville EB
11 Ottawa at Fulton NB
16 Fulton at Ionia EB
17 Fulton at Sheldon EB
461 Fulton at Louis WB
471 Ottawa at Fulton SB
1332 Fulton at Sheldon WB
2441 Fulton at College EB
4138 Cherry at Grandville WB
5366 Fulton across from Barclay EB
5376 Fulton at Gay EB
5386 Fulton east of Lake EB
5391 Fulton at Packard EB
5392 Fulton at Eastern EB
5401 Fulton at Dwight EB
5406 Fulton east of Diamond EB
5410 Fulton at Dennis EB
5411 Fulton at Fuller EB
5412 Fulton at Auburn EB
5416 Fulton at Carlton EB
5421 Fulton across from Lowell EB
5426 Fulton at Aquinas College EB
5431 Fulton across from Holmdene EB
5436 Fulton at Plymouth EB
5446 Lakeside north of Fulton NB
5448 Lakeside south of Academy NB
5456 Lakeside at Romence NB
5461 Lakeside at Lonsdale NB
5471 Michigan at Somerset EB
5495 Plymouth north of Oak Industrial NB
5501 Plymouth at Mason NB
5506 Plymouth at Stonebrook Apartments NB
5508 Leonard west of Plymouth WB
5517 Ball at Leonard SB
5521 Ball at Cedar SB
5526 Ball at Mason SB
5528 Ball at Kent County Jail SB
5531 Service across from 1695 Service EB
5536 Service at Plymouth EB
5540 Maryland at 573 Maryland SB
5541 Maryland at Michigan SB
5542 Michigan at Somerset WB
5546 Lakeside across from Lonsdale SB
5548 Lakeside across from Romence SB
5556 Lakeside at Marywood Health Center SB
5561 Lakeside at Fulton SB
5566 Fulton at Parkview WB
5570 Fulton at Plymouth WB
5576 Fulton at Holmdene WB
5581 Fulton at Alten WB
5586 Fulton at Lowell WB
5591 Fulton across from Carlton WB
5599 Fulton across from Auburn WB
5601 Fulton at Farmers Market WB
5606 Fulton at Diamond WB
5611 Fulton at Batavia WB
5613 Fulton across from Eastern WB
5621 Fulton at Grand WB
5626 Fulton at Union WB
5631 Fulton at College WB
5976 Fulton across from Gay WB
5981 Fulton at Lafayette WB
9336 Oak Industrial at Plymouth EB
9338 Oak Industrial at Gilson Graphics EB
9340 Oak Industrial at Kent Manufacturing EB
9342 Oak Industrial at Maryland EB
9350 Maryland at Michigan NB
9351 Maryland at Maryland Park Apts NB
9352 Oak Industrial at Maryland WB
9354 Oak Industrial at 2201 Oak Ind. WB
9356 Oak Industrial across from Gilson Graphi