1 Rapid Central Station
4140 Grandville at Goodrich SB
4141 Grandville at Wealthy SB
4146 Grandville at Pleasant SB
4151 Grandville at Graham SB
4156 Grandville at Franklin SB
4161 Grandville at B SB
4166 Grandville at Martha SB
4171 Grandville across from Hughart SB
4176 Grandville at Hall SB
4181 Grandville at Olympia SB
4186 Grandville at Van Raalte SB
4191 Clyde Park across from Crofton SB
4196 Clyde Park across from London SB
4197 Clyde Park at Burton SB
4384 Clyde Park at Burton NB
4391 Clyde Park at Griggs NB
4396 Clyde Park at Crofton NB
4401 Grandville at Cordelia NB
4406 Grandville at Olympia NB
4411 Grandville at Hall NB
4416 Grandville at Hughart NB
4421 Grandville at Beacon NB
4426 Grandville at B NB
4431 Grandville at Franklin NB
4436 Grandville at Graham NB
4441 Grandville at Pleasant NB
4446 Grandville at Wealthy NB
4450 Grandville across from Goodrich NB
6081 Burton at Galewood WB
6086 Burton at Godfrey WB
6088 Cleveland south of Burton SB
6091 Cleveland at Belfield SB
6096 DeHoop across from Wyoming Senior Center
6101 DeHoop at Madelyn SB
6102 DeHoop at 28th SB
6106 Michael north of Prairie SB
6111 Michael at Den Hertog SB
6112 Michael at Wyoming Library SB
6113 Michael at 36th SB
6121 36th at Robin WB
6126 36th at Burlingame WB
6131 36th at Hubal WB
6136 36th at Gladiola WB
6141 36th at Perry WB
6146 36th across from Wyoming WB
6150 Byron Center at 36th SB
6156 Byron Center at 38th SB
6161 Byron Center at Oaklane SB
6166 Byron Center at Fox Run SB
6167 Byron Center at 44th SB
6176 Byron Center at Ancient SB
6181 Byron Center at Windview SB
6186 Byron Center at Woodlake SB
6187 Byron Center at 52nd SB
6189 Byron Center across from Aurora Pond SB
6191 Byron Center at 56th SB
6192 Byron Center north of Health SB
6195 Metro Health Hospital
6205 Byron Center at 56th NB
6206 Bryon Center at Aurora Pond NB
6207 Byron Center at 52nd NB
6209 Byron Center across from Woodlake NB
6211 Byron Center at Easy NB
6216 Byron Center at Ancient NB
6226 Byron Center across from Eden NB
6231 Byron Center across from Fox Run NB
6236 Byron Center at Arden NB
6241 Byron Center at 38th NB
6243 Byron Center at 36th NB
6246 36th at Wyoming EB
6251 36th at Perry EB
6256 36th at Groveland EB
6261 36th at Hubal EB
6266 36th at Burlingame EB
6270 36th across from Robin EB
6271 Michael north of 36th NB
6273 Michael at Wyoming Library NB
6276 Michael at Den Hertog NB
6278 Michael south of 28th NB
6279 Dehoop at 28th NB
6280 DeHoop across from Madelyn NB
6281 DeHoop north of Locksley NB
6286 DeHoop at Wyoming Senior Center NB
6291 Cleveland at Belfield NB
6293 Cleveland south of Burton NB
6296 Burton at DeHoop EB
6301 Burton at Denwood EB
6306 Burton at Galewood EB
9005 Michael at 34th SB
9195 Metro Way east of Byron Center
9196 Metro Way across from Emergency Room EB
9197 Metro Way at Metro Court NB
9200 Metro Way at Vets Clinic NB
9203 Health at 2093 WB
9205 Health Dr at Family Fare WB