2022 Kentwood Station - Woodland
2061 East Paris at 29th SB
2066 East Paris north of Riviera SB
2071 East Paris across from Woodland Creek SB
2076 East Paris across from Forest Creek SB
2077 East Paris at 36th SB
2166 East Paris at Forest Creek Apartments NB
2176 East Paris at Woodbridge Apartments NB
6386 29th at Shaffer EB
6391 29th east of Broadmoor EB
6396 29th at Lake Eastbrook EB
6403 East Paris at 40th SB
6404 East Paris at 3839 East Paris SB
6405 East Paris at Allied Finishing SB
6406 44th at Broadmoor EB
6411 44th at Brockton EB
6416 44th at Denvers EB
6421 44th at Patterson EB
6426 Airport at Amway EB
6427 Gerald R Ford Airport
6430 West Michigan Aviation Academy
6441 44th west of Patterson WB
6446 44th at Danvers WB
6450 44th at Broadmoor WB
6451 44th at Brockton WB
6452 40th at East Paris WB
6453 East Paris across from Allied Finishing
6454 East Paris at 3760 East Paris NB
6456 East Paris at 36th NB
6466 East Paris at Woodland Creek Apartments
6481 29th at East Paris WB
6486 29th at Lake Eastbrook WB
6491 29th east of Broadmoor WB
6496 29th at Shaffer WB
6501 Radcliff at 28th NB
7651 Radcliff at 28th SB