1 Rapid Central Station
3226 Cherry at Grandville EB
3228 Market south of Cherry SB
3231 Market across from Ney SB
3236 Market at Wealthy SB
3716 Market at Wealthy NB
3721 Market at Ney NB
3722 Market at Williams NB
3793 Stocking at Second NB
3796 Stocking at Fourth NB
4066 Stocking at Fourth SB
4071 Stocking at First SB
4138 Cherry at Grandville WB
4821 Lane at Lake Michigan NB
4826 Lane at Jackson NB
4831 Lane at Bridge NB
4908 Bridge at Lake Michigan EB
7921 Wealthy at Front WB
7922 Butterworth at Lexington WB
7923 Butterworth at Straight WB
7926 Butterworth at Lane WB
7929 Lane at Dayton NB
7930 Lane at Fulton NB
7932 Bridge at Indiana EB
7935 Bridge at Gold EB
7940 Stocking at Jennette NB
7943 Walker at Fremont EB
7947 Walker at Pine WB
7949 Walker at Lincoln WB
7951 Walker east of Valley WB
7952 Tremont at Union High EB
7953 Valley at Eleventh SB
7955 Valley at Sixth SB
7956 Tremont across from Union High WB
7957 Mt Mercy at Tremont WB
7958 Tremont at Covell WB
7959 Covell at Bridge SB
7960 Covell at Bridge NB
7961 Tremont east of Covell EB
7963 Tremont at Mt Mercy EB
7965 Valley at Sixth NB
7967 Valley at Eleventh NB
7969 Walker east of Valley EB
7971 Walker at Lincoln EB
7973 Walker at Pine EB
7975 Walker at Fremont WB
7977 Stocking across from Sixth SB
7979 Bridge at Cadwell WB
7981 Bridge at Pettibone WB
7982 Lane at Bridge SB
7983 Lane at Jackson SB
7985 Lane at Lake Michigan SB
7987 Lane at Fulton SB
7989 Lane at Dayton SB
7991 Lane at Butterworth SB
7992 Butterworth at Straight EB
7993 Butterworth at Lexington EB
7995 Butterworth at Front EB
7996 Front at Wealthy SB