1 Rapid Central Station
568 Franklin at Division EB
571 Franklin at Jefferson EB
576 Franklin at Lafayette EB
581 Franklin at Madison EB
586 Franklin at College EB
591 Franklin at Henry EB
592 Franklin at Eastern EB
601 Franklin at Kalamazoo EB
606 Franklin at Neland EB
607 Franklin at Fuller EB
616 Fuller at Prince SB
621 Fuller at Alexander SB
626 Fuller at Fisk SB
631 Fuller at Hall SB
636 Fuller at Temple SB
641 Fuller south of Adams SB
646 Fuller across from Boston SB
651 Kalamazoo at Orville SB
656 Kalamazoo at Griggs SB
663 Kalamazoo at Burton SB
671 Kalamazoo at Edna SB
676 Kalamazoo at Alger SB
681 Kalamazoo at 2619 Kalamazoo SB
691 Kalamazoo across from 32nd SB
696 Kalamazoo at Millbank SB
701 Kalamazoo at 36th SB
706 Kalamazoo across from Southampton SB
711 Kalamazoo at Belmar SB
716 Kalamazoo at Kendall SB
721 Kalamazoo at Langley SB
722 Kalamazoo south of 44th SB
725 Kalamazoo at Kent County Health Departme
728 44th east of Kalamazoo EB
731 44th across from Plymouth EB
735 44th across from Kentridge EB
741 44th at Stauffer EB
746 44th east of Applewood EB
756 Breton south of 44th SB
766 Breton at Drummond SB
771 Breton at N Breton Ct SB
791 Breton at Mapleview SB
792 Walma at Kentwood City Hall
801 Walma across from Pineview Apartments NB
803 Walma across from Hunters Ridge NB
806 Walma at 44th NB
811 44th at Walnut Hills WB
816 44th at Breton Woods WB
821 44th west of Breton WB
826 44th at Callender WB
831 44th at Eastcastle WB
836 44th at Plymouth WB
838 Kalamazoo at 44th NB
840 Kalamazoo at Langley NB
846 Kalamazoo at Kendall NB
851 Kalamazoo at Belmar NB
856 Kalamazoo at Southampton NB
861 Kalamazoo across from 36th NB
866 Kalamazoo at Millbank NB
871 Kalamazoo at 32nd NB
872 Kalamazoo & 28th - Meijer
881 Kalamazoo across from Glenhaven NB
891 Kalamazoo north of Alger NB
894 Kalamazoo at Linwood NB
896 Kalamazoo at Burton NB
906 Kalamazoo at Elliott NB
911 Kalamazoo at Griggs NB
916 Kalamazoo at Orville NB
921 Fuller at Ramona NB
926 Fuller at Adams Park Apartments NB
931 Fuller across from Temple NB
936 Fuller at Hall NB
941 Fuller at Fisk NB
946 Fuller at Alexander NB
951 Fuller across from Prince NB
953 Franklin at Fuller WB
961 Franklin at Neland WB
966 Franklin at Dolbie WB
968 Franklin at Eastern WB
976 Franklin at Henry WB
981 Franklin at College WB
986 Franklin at Madison WB
991 Franklin at Lafayette WB
996 Franklin at Jefferson WB
998 Franklin at Division WB
2003 Cherry at RCS Entrance EB
8004 Ionia across from Williams SB
8006 Ionia north of McConnell SB
8007 Ionia at Pleaseant SB
8008 Franklin east of Ionia EB
8009 Franklin & Ionia
8010 Ionia across from Pleasant NB
8011 Ionia at McConnell NB
8013 Ionia at Williams NB