728 44th east of Kalamazoo EB
731 44th across from Plymouth EB
735 44th across from Kentridge EB
741 44th at Stauffer EB
746 44th east of Applewood EB
751 44th at Breton EB
756 Breton south of 44th SB
766 Breton at Drummond SB
771 Breton at N Breton Ct SB
791 Breton at Mapleview SB
792 Walma at Kentwood City Hall
801 Walma across from Pineview Apartments NB
803 Walma across from Hunters Ridge NB
806 Walma at 44th NB
811 44th at Walnut Hills WB
816 44th at Breton Woods WB
821 44th west of Breton WB
826 44th at Callender WB
831 44th at Eastcastle WB
836 44th at Plymouth WB
2022 Kentwood Station - Woodland
3477 Rivertown Crossings Mall
3478 Century Center at Rivertown Meijer EB
6386 29th at Shaffer EB
6496 29th at Shaffer WB
6501 Radcliff at 28th NB
7380 44th west of Wilfred EB
7381 44th west of Wilson EB
7384 Wilson south of Rivertown Pkwy SB
7399 44th at Rivertown Target EB
7401 44th east of Spartan Industrial EB
7405 44th across from Crooked Tree EB
7408 44th at Byron Center EB
7411 44th west of Forest Park EB
7416 44th at R. W. Berends EB
7421 44th at Burlingame EB
7426 44th at Villa Esparenza Apts EB
7431 44th across from Flamingo EB
7433 44th across from Illinios EB
7434 44th at 990 44th EB
7435 44th at Clyde Park EB
7436 44th at Magnolia EB
7441 44th at Buchanan EB
7445 44th at Division EB
7451 44th at Jefferson EB
7453 44th at Julivan EB
7461 44th at Potter EB
7465 44th at Eastern EB
7471 44th east of Grantwood EB
7476 44th at Poinsettia EB
7481 44th across from Kimball EB
7596 Breton across from Family Fare NB
7597 Breton across from Granite NB
7599 Breton across from Portman NB
7601 Breton at Breton Valley NB
7602 Breton at 32nd NB
7611 32nd at Hampton Downs EB
7616 32nd & Westminster
7621 32nd east of Coach EB
7626 Shaffer at 32nd NB
7631 Shaffer south of 29th NB
7651 Radcliff at 28th SB
7661 Shaffer south of 29th SB
7666 32nd west of Shaffer WB
7671 32nd across from Westminster WB
7676 32nd across from Hampton Downs WB
7678 Breton at 32nd SB
7681 Breton at Whispering Brook SB
7683 Breton at Portman SB
7684 Breton at Granite SB
7686 Breton at Family Fare SB
7691 44th across from Walnut Hills EB
7696 Walma south of 44th SB
7698 Walma at Hunters Ridge SB
7701 Walma at Pineview Apartments SB
7705 Walma at Kentwood City Hall
7711 Breton across from Mapleview NB
7721 Breton at Breton Ct NB
7726 Breton at Drummond NB
7731 Breton south of 44th NB
7735 44th at Kalamazoo WB
7741 44th at Kimball WB
7746 44th at Poinsetta WB
7751 44th at Steelcase Entrance WB
7753 44th at Eastern WB
7756 44th at Potter WB
7758 44th west of Roger B Chaffee WB
7761 44th at Jefferson WB
7765 44th at Division WB
7771 44th at Buchanan WB
7773 44th at Stafford WB
7774 44th west of Clyde Park WB
7777 44th at Illinois WB
7779 44th at Michael WB
7781 44th at 1505 44th WB
7783 44th at Burlingame WB
7791 44th west of Ridge WB
7792 44th at Timber Ridge Trail WB
7796 44th west of Forest Park WB
7797 44th at Byron Center WB
7798 44th at Crooked Tree WB
7806 44th at Spartan Industrial WB
7808 44th at Rivertown Target WB
7812 Century Center at Rivertown Meijer WB
7813 Wilson south of Rivertown Pkwy NB
7814 Kenowa south of 44th NB
7815 Canal at Grandville Marketplace
7816 Canal at Wimbledon NB
7817 Kenowa south of 44th SB
7820 Rivertown Walmart
9210 44th west of Wilson WB
9211 44th west of Wilfred WB