2003 Cherry across from Ottawa EB
3226 Cherry at Grandville (EB)
4138 Cherry at Grandville (WB)
4476 Market at Cherry (NB)
4486 Monroe at Louis (NB)
4491 Monroe at Lyon (NB)
4493 Monroe at DeVos Place (NB)
4756 Monroe at DeVos Place (SB)
4761 Monroe at Pearl (SB)
4766 Monroe at Louis (SB)
4771 Market at Fulton (NB)
4976 Market at Fulton (SB)
4980 Market at Oakes (SB)
8006 Ionia north of McConnell SB
8011 Ionia at McConnell NB
8013 Ionia at Williams NB
9030 Monroe at Trowbridge NB
9033 Monroe at Newberry NB
9039 Monroe at Boardwalk NB
9042 Monroe north of Coldbrook NB
9043 Ionia at Leonard SB
9045 Coldbrook at Monroe WB
9048 Monroe across from Boardwalk SB
9054 Monroe at Newberry SB
9057 Monroe at Trowbridge SB
9058 Monroe at Michigan SB
9416 Ionia at Cherry (SB)
9417 Ionia at Bartlett (SB)
9420 McConnell at Division EB