1 Rapid Central Station
475 Grandville at Oakes (SB)
4455 Cesar Chavez at Cherry (NB)
4486 Monroe at Louis (NB)
4493 Monroe at DeVos Place (NB)
4501 Michigan at Ottawa (EB)
4516 Michigan at Coit (EB)
4741 Michigan at Coit (WB)
4756 Monroe/DeVos Place (SB)
4761 Monroe/Pearl (SB)
4766 Monroe at Louis (SB)
4771 Market at Fulton (NB)
4976 Monroe at Fulton (SB)
5000 Monroe/Lyon (NB)
5012 Michigan at Lafayette (EB)
5026 Michigan at College (EB)
5031 Michigan at Benson (EB)
5036 Michigan at Eastern (EB)
5038 Michigan at Diamond (EB)
5041 Michigan west of Fuller (EB)
5042 Fuller at Michigan (NB)
5043 Fuller at Race (NB)
5056 Fuller south of Matla (NB)
5061 Fuller at Malta (NB)
5066 Fuller at Mason (NB)
5071 Fuller south of Ekhart (NB)
5072 Fuller at Leonard (NB)
5081 Fuller at GRPS University (NB)
5086 Fuller across from Sweet (NB)
5091 Fuller at Travis (NB)
5093 Fuller at Orchard Place (NB)
5096 Fuller at Knapp (NB)
5101 Fuller at Alberta (NB)
5111 Fuller at Aberdeen (NB)
5116 Fuller at Oaklawn (NB)
5126 Fuller at Ellsmere (NB)
5131 Three Mile at Fuller (WB)
5136 Three Mile west of Hollis (WB)
5141 Three Mile at Plainfield (WB)
5146 Three Mile at Belknap (WB)
5151 Three Mile at Coit (WB)
5161 Veteran's Home
5171 Coit across from Wolverine (SB)
5176 Three Mile across from Botsford (EB)
5181 Three Mile at Belknap (EB)
5186 Three Mile at Plainfield (EB)
5187 Three Mile at Spring (EB)
5196 Three Mile at Fuller (EB)
5201 Fuller at Ellsmere (SB)
5211 Fuller at Beechwood (SB)
5216 Fuller at Aberdeen (SB)
5221 Fuller at Alberta (SB)
5231 Fuller at Knapp (SB)
5233 Fuller across from Orchard Place (SB)
5236 Fuller at Kentwood (SB)
5241 Fuller at Sweet (SB)
5246 Fuller across from GRPS University (SB)
5248 Fuller at Leonard (SB)
5256 Fuller at Coldbrook (SB)
5261 Fuller across from Mason (SB)
5266 Fuller at Malta (SB)
5271 Fuller at Race (SB)
5273 Fuller at Michigan (SB)
5281 Michigan west of Fuller (WB)
5286 Michigan at Diamond (WB)
5291 Michigan at Eastern (WB)
5296 Michigan at Benson (WB)
5301 Michigan west of College (WB)
5307 Michigan west of Lafayette (WB)
8002 Three Mile at Monroe (WB)
8003 Monroe at Vet's Facility (NB)