1 Rapid Central Station
576 Franklin at Lafayette EB
581 Franklin at Madison EB
991 Franklin at Lafayette WB
996 Franklin at Jefferson WB
1082 Cherry at Commerce EB
1084 Cherry at La Grave EB
1087 Jefferson across from Mercy Health SB
1091 Jefferson at Logan SB
1101 Jefferson at Pleasant SB
1106 Jefferon at Franklin SB
1116 Madison at Delaware SB
1121 Madison at Highland SB
1122 Madison at Hall SB
1131 Madison across from Gilbert SB
1136 Madison at Garden SB
1141 Madison at Cottage Grove SB
1143 Madison at Dickinson SB
1146 Madison at Griggs SB
1151 Madison across from Elliott SB
1152 Madison north of Burton SB
1161 Madison at Aurora SB
1166 Madison at Alger SB
1171 Madison at Rosemary SB
1172 Madison at 28th SB
1181 Madison at Colrain SB
1183 Madison at 32nd SB
1185 Roger B Chaffee at Lousma SB
1187 Roger B Chaffee at 3457 RBC SB
1190 Roger B Chaffee south of 36th SB
1193 Roger B Chaffee at 3859 RBC SB
1194 Roger B Chaffee at 4001 RBC SB
1195 4220 Roger B Chaffee NB
1197 Roger B Chaffee at 3910 RBC NB
1198 Roger B Chaffee at 36th NB
1202 36th at Hope Network
1205 36th at Roger B Chaffee WB
1211 Roger B Chaffee north of 36th NB
1216 Roger B Chaffee at 3400 RBC NB
1221 Roger B Chaffee across from Lousma NB
1225 Madison north of 32nd NB
1231 Madison across from Colrain NB
1232 Madison at 28th NB
1241 Madison at Rosemary NB
1246 Madison at Alger NB
1251 Madison at Hoyt NB
1256 Madison north of Burton NB
1261 Madison at Griggs NB
1263 Madison at Dickinson NB
1266 Madison at Cottage Grove NB
1271 Madison at Oakdale NB
1276 Madison at Gilbert NB
1278 Madison at Hall NB
1286 Madison at Highland NB
1291 Madison at Delaware NB
1293 Madison at Franklin NB
1306 Jefferson at Pleasant NB
1311 Jefferson at Logan NB
1320 Jefferson at Mercy Health NB
1322 Cherry at La Grave WB
1324 Cherry at Commerce WB
2003 Cherry across from Ottawa EB