1 Rapid Central Station
616 Fuller at Prince SB
621 Fuller at Alexander SB
626 Fuller at Fisk SB
941 Fuller at Fisk NB
946 Fuller at Alexander NB
951 Fuller across from Prince NB
1865 Wealthy at Divison EB
1866 Wealthy at La Grave EB
1868 Wealthy at Cass EB
1871 Wealthy at Madison EB
1872 Wealthy at College EB
1881 Wealthy at Union EB
1886 Wealthy at Henry EB
1891 Wealthy at Eastern EB
1896 Wealthy at Eureka EB
1901 Wealthy at Diamond EB
1906 Wealthy at Barth EB
1911 Fuller south of Wealthy SB
1916 Fuller at Sherman SB
1935 Hall at Giddings EB
1936 Hall at Allerton EB
1941 Hall at Sylvan EB
1946 Hall at Plymouth EB
1951 Plymouth south of Nokomis SB
1956 Plymouth across from Evergreen SB
1961 Boston east of Plymouth EB
1966 Boston at Chamberlain EB
1971 Boston at Gorham EB
1981 Boston at Breton EB
1986 Breton at Elliott SB
1987 Breton & Burton SB
1996 Breton at Onekama SB
2001 Breton at Okemos SB
2006 Breton at Saginaw SB
2016 28th at Schuler Books EB
2021 28th across from Ridgemoor EB
2022 Kentwood Station - Woodland
2031 Camelot at Lake Eastbrook EB
2036 Camelot across from Timberbrook EB
2041 Camelot across from Charring Cross EB
2042 Camelot at East Paris EB
2051 East Paris across from Embassy SB
2053 East Paris at Sparks SB
2056 East Paris at 28th SB
2061 East Paris at 29th SB
2066 East Paris north of Riviera SB
2071 East Paris across from Woodland Creek SB
2076 East Paris across from Forest Creek SB
2083 36th at East Paris EB
2086 36th at Knoll EB
2090 36th west of Patterson EB
2091 33rd east of Patterson EB
2101 33rd at Cascade Engineering EB
2106 33rd at Innovation EB
2111 33rd at Raleigh EB
2116 33rd at Kraft EB
2121 Kraft west of 36th WB
2126 36th at Raleigh WB
2131 36th across from Bishop Distributing WB
2136 36th at Cascade Engineering WB
2146 36th at Patterson WB
2151 36th across from Corvac Composites WB
2156 36th across from Knoll WB
2159 36th at East Paris WB
2166 East Paris at Forest Creek Apartments NB
2176 East Paris at Woodbridge Apartments NB
2186 East Paris at 29th NB
2191 East Paris at 28th NB
2196 East Paris at Embassy NB
2197 Camelot west of East Paris WB
2206 Camelot at Lake Eastbrook WB
2210 28th west of Radcliff WB
2216 28th east of Woodlawn WB
2221 28th west of Woodlawn WB
2226 28th at 2525 28th Street WB
2230 Breton at 28th NB
2236 Breton north of Woodmeadow NB
2241 Breton across from Okemos NB
2246 Breton at Barfield NB
2250 Breton at Burton
2256 Breton at Breton Village Mall NB
2261 Boston at Rosalind WB
2266 Boston at Laurel WB
2270 Boston across from Chamberlain WB
2271 Boston at Plymouth WB
2281 Plymouth at Evergreen NB
2286 Plymouth at Kreiser NB
2291 Hall at Plymouth WB
2296 Hall at Cadillac WB
2301 Hall at W Chippewa WB
2302 Hall at Giddings WB
2305 Hall at Fuller WB
2326 Fuller at Sherman NB
2331 Fuller at Sigsbee NB
2336 Wealthy at Freyling WB
2341 Wealthy at Diamond WB
2346 Wealthy at Eureka WB
2351 Wealthy at Eastern WB
2356 Wealthy at Henry WB
2361 Wealthy at Union WB
2362 Wealthy at College WB
2371 Wealthy at Madison WB
2376 Wealthy at Lafayette WB
2385 Wealthy at Division WB
4140 Grandville at Goodrich SB
4450 Grandville across from Goodrich NB
4455 Grandville at Cherry NB
6466 East Paris at Woodland Creek Apartments
6766 Camelot at Charring Cross WB
6771 Camelot at Springbrook WB
7133 28th east of Breton EB
8065 Hall at Underwood EB
8074 Fuller at Bates SB
8077 Fuller at Bates NB